Saturday, 16 March 2013

Japan 2013 - 3-4 days away!

Hey everyone!

In about 4 days, I'll be jetting off to Japan for the second time! Been busy preparing, sorting, cleaning and washing! We are hoping to catch the Sakura (桜) Season, and checking the forecast it's looking pretty good for us. The Sakura season usually only lasts a few days, and sweeps across Japan, so many of the blossoms will be blooming at different times. They have already bloomed in Fukuoka!

Sakura is one of the most famous sights of Japan, and you are very lucky if you manage to catch them. The weather isn't looking to bad either, it's probably going to be about 16-18 degrees, it's a little warmer a little earlier than usual (something I'm not complaining about!) It's been very cold in the UK recently.



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