Friday, 29 March 2013

In Japan Day 6

Day 6, we went to Osaka Castle in the morning. It was a beautiful day, really hot and the sun was shining! More of the cherrys had come out, so I took some more pictures. The castle itself was really pretty, and you could go inside and it had a museum. You could also go to the top and look out across Osaka! This is somewhere I wanted to go last time but we didn't have time, so I'm really glad I managed to go this time. Kyra finally got to eat Takoyaki, a famous Osaka delicacy of octopus fried in batter. Omnomnom!

Later in the afternoon, we headed on to Osaka Aquarium which was really huge, and they had some really cool stuff. They even had a whale shark thing! It was huge! My favourite are definitely the jellyfish though, they are so pretty. There was a proper fat seal thing though as well which was amazing! He was just chillin' there looking at everyone and it made me laugh. The Aquarium is massive, so it took the whole afternoon up.

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