Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In Japan Day 12

Day 12 already!

So today we went to Sega Joypolis, it was amazing! They had a rollercoaster inside the actual place and it was so fun, although I lost one of my DollyWink eyelashes haha. I won a giant Hello KittyxSonic which I was very happy about!

Odaiba in general is pretty, and you get there on a little train that spirals around the city. If you get chance, this Joypolis is definitely one of the best!~ <3

In Japan Day 11

Today we did Shibuya! IT WAS AMAZING. I couldn't take many pictures because most stores don't allow you to, but today was my big spending day. I'll post what I bought a little later! We literally shopped on every floor, haha. I bought a set of Dolly Wink eyelashes and also one of their eyeshadow palettes; they are expensive but 100% worth it. I've wanted a set of Dolly Wink lashes since last time I came so I was just like, right, I'll get them this time. I also bought some Diamond Lash glue :) We looked on a few floors and there was just row upon row of mega shops and immaculately dressed ladies!

We went to Ma*rs and I bought an amazing black dress, with long lace sleeves and a big black silk bow at the back, it was so lovely and I didn't actually expect to like it, but I put it on and I felt really good in it, so I bought it. It's really unusual too, and I like unusual dresses. Anddd I got a matching bright pink obnoxious Mars bag :D Then, I went to Liz Lisa and Tralala, Tralala is one of the stores I bought from last time and this time I picked up a really nice sailor-dolly type dress that's really comfortable and cute.

We also went into a random goth/punk shop and the inner goth in me was amazed, the store lady was so nice and looked awesome! They had some proper mental dresses including a studded tattoo dress. Tried it on for the hell of it and it looked crazy... and I bought it. Haha. I just had to have one of those crazy 'harajuku girl' type dresses that you just wouldn't be able to buy anywhere else. I can't decide if I love it or hate it haha.

Later, we went for food at a really nice Tempura place in Shinjuku, was craving tempura and it was amazing! Omnom. Some bloke on the street recommended it to us, even though he was promoting somewhere else.

Japan Day 10

Day 10, we did Akiba! Akihabara is an electronic and anime-themed area, it has a lot of arcades and electronic shops. It's very lively and one of my favourite places. I went in cosplay because I wanted to do that last time but didn't, it was absolutely freezing that day though -full of regret- it was still pretty fun though. I bought a Nexus 7 and had a bash at some of the arcade games again. I think I've become addicted to this arcade game; it's a rhythm game and I think it's called MaiMai. You just have to bash buttons in a certain order. I haven't seen many DDR machines at all :"( I think this is the new thing!~

We also found a table flip game which was hilarious but baffled me. I didn't give it enough flipping force. And there is also a quick and unflattering cosplay picture of me in Akiba. Hur hur. I was then meant to go to Harajuku, but someone stole my Suica card from the loos, I left it on the side for all of 5 seconds but it'd already been taken :( So I went off home and went to Harajuku another day.

In the evening, we went to a really amazing Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant! It was really awesome and very tasty. I've loved Alice in Wonderland since I was a little girl, the waitresses were dressed like Alice and the Mad Hatter, and they played music from the Disney film. As you entered, all the walls were like pages of a book! They had some amazing themed food, too. Was really fun! I'm also going to the Square Enix cafe later, so we'll see what that is like too.

In Japan Day 9

Day 9 was Sanrio Puroland! We brought the lads with us, the poor fellows! Hello Kitty land is very expensive, but if you are a fan it's worth it!~ Everything was pink and sparkly. We went on the boat ride, which is very silly and over the top. It's full of all the Sanrio characters! We looked around Hello Kitty House which is what most of the pictures are actually from, it's very cute and we even got a picture with Hello Kitty herself! And I also have a bunch of pictures of Jen in various Hello Kitty-fied places haha.

We also saw a show which is something I didn't do last time, it was pretty funny but actually good Japanese practice because it was aimed at kids! The premise was that it was an idol competition, and you had to vote for the winner. One of the girls got in a strop because someone was beating her, but in the end THEY ALL WON THE COMPETITION and became friends! Lololol. Was very cheesy and over the top but it was cool to see an idol-like performance thing. Yay for Kittyland!