Friday, 29 March 2013

In Japan Day 5

Today, we went to Kobe. Kobe is a really chill place and it was cool to just relax there. We walked around and we got on a boat! I wanted to do that last time but they were all closed. So, ice cream in hand we walked around Kobe feeling the sea breeze and relaxing. The boat took us around the port city which was really cool. Kobe has a port tower as you can see here; it felt small in comparison to the Umeda Sky Building! We went up it and had a look out; there was a rotating cafe as well which was cool, always wanted to do that!

At the top, I think you can get married, or something. There were padlocks with names and dates on! I took a picture of them. Matt sampled some Kobe beef which was amazing, and I won a ridiculous giant Alpaca plushie in one of the arcades.

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