Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Japan Day 10

Day 10, we did Akiba! Akihabara is an electronic and anime-themed area, it has a lot of arcades and electronic shops. It's very lively and one of my favourite places. I went in cosplay because I wanted to do that last time but didn't, it was absolutely freezing that day though -full of regret- it was still pretty fun though. I bought a Nexus 7 and had a bash at some of the arcade games again. I think I've become addicted to this arcade game; it's a rhythm game and I think it's called MaiMai. You just have to bash buttons in a certain order. I haven't seen many DDR machines at all :"( I think this is the new thing!~

We also found a table flip game which was hilarious but baffled me. I didn't give it enough flipping force. And there is also a quick and unflattering cosplay picture of me in Akiba. Hur hur. I was then meant to go to Harajuku, but someone stole my Suica card from the loos, I left it on the side for all of 5 seconds but it'd already been taken :( So I went off home and went to Harajuku another day.

In the evening, we went to a really amazing Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant! It was really awesome and very tasty. I've loved Alice in Wonderland since I was a little girl, the waitresses were dressed like Alice and the Mad Hatter, and they played music from the Disney film. As you entered, all the walls were like pages of a book! They had some amazing themed food, too. Was really fun! I'm also going to the Square Enix cafe later, so we'll see what that is like too.

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