Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In Japan Day 11

Today we did Shibuya! IT WAS AMAZING. I couldn't take many pictures because most stores don't allow you to, but today was my big spending day. I'll post what I bought a little later! We literally shopped on every floor, haha. I bought a set of Dolly Wink eyelashes and also one of their eyeshadow palettes; they are expensive but 100% worth it. I've wanted a set of Dolly Wink lashes since last time I came so I was just like, right, I'll get them this time. I also bought some Diamond Lash glue :) We looked on a few floors and there was just row upon row of mega shops and immaculately dressed ladies!

We went to Ma*rs and I bought an amazing black dress, with long lace sleeves and a big black silk bow at the back, it was so lovely and I didn't actually expect to like it, but I put it on and I felt really good in it, so I bought it. It's really unusual too, and I like unusual dresses. Anddd I got a matching bright pink obnoxious Mars bag :D Then, I went to Liz Lisa and Tralala, Tralala is one of the stores I bought from last time and this time I picked up a really nice sailor-dolly type dress that's really comfortable and cute.

We also went into a random goth/punk shop and the inner goth in me was amazed, the store lady was so nice and looked awesome! They had some proper mental dresses including a studded tattoo dress. Tried it on for the hell of it and it looked crazy... and I bought it. Haha. I just had to have one of those crazy 'harajuku girl' type dresses that you just wouldn't be able to buy anywhere else. I can't decide if I love it or hate it haha.

Later, we went for food at a really nice Tempura place in Shinjuku, was craving tempura and it was amazing! Omnom. Some bloke on the street recommended it to us, even though he was promoting somewhere else.

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