Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In Japan Day 9

Day 9 was Sanrio Puroland! We brought the lads with us, the poor fellows! Hello Kitty land is very expensive, but if you are a fan it's worth it!~ Everything was pink and sparkly. We went on the boat ride, which is very silly and over the top. It's full of all the Sanrio characters! We looked around Hello Kitty House which is what most of the pictures are actually from, it's very cute and we even got a picture with Hello Kitty herself! And I also have a bunch of pictures of Jen in various Hello Kitty-fied places haha.

We also saw a show which is something I didn't do last time, it was pretty funny but actually good Japanese practice because it was aimed at kids! The premise was that it was an idol competition, and you had to vote for the winner. One of the girls got in a strop because someone was beating her, but in the end THEY ALL WON THE COMPETITION and became friends! Lololol. Was very cheesy and over the top but it was cool to see an idol-like performance thing. Yay for Kittyland!

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