Friday, 24 October 2014

Arriving - 2014

Hey everyone! We have arrived safely in Japan, I still can't believe it. Feels so surreal! The flight was fine, it seemed to go more quickly than my other trips.

We arrived in Japan at 8am so it is like I've been awake for 2 days or something so I'm shattered!
First thing I did when I got here was buy Fanta Grape from the vending machine haha, I love this stuff. Travelling from the Airport to Osaka despite being so tired was still amazing. Japan's urban landscape is really beautiful! All the houses are really different from each other. I just like how it's set up.
Also, another thing that always amazes me is how much strangers are willing to help you! Within 5 mins of standing around trying to find out where our Hotel was, a kind salaryman said he'd take us there on his way to work! So we were taken directly there, would have been hard to find.
This hotel is cool, Yodabashi Camera is on my doorstep and it's close to Hep 5. While we waited to checkin, we went to a Hep 5 and I felt so ming since everyone is dressed nice! But I did purikura with my Mum, she was totally baffled by the whole thing but she gave it a go haha. We played on the Maimai machine and my arcade card still works!

Anyway, finally resting up in the hotel. Fell asleep for a bit, but next step is to find Family Mart!
See ya~

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